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getting behind the counter

A large pet food manufacturer was concerned with the way that their product was being sold by Veterinarians. Rather than bring these busy people out of the office to reply on their recollection, we actively went to them. We held a series of in-office visits all across the country that met these professionals in their own space, while also allowing us to observe the promotional tactics that were being used alongside in-depth interviews.

People tend not want to spend time taking part in research during their hard-earned vacation time.    This is particularly true in a 24-hour entertainment mecca like Las Vegas.    Our client wanted to understand the behavior of Millennials during a weekend trip in Las Vegas.   Utilizing a multi-dimensional methodology we followed, observed, and interacted with eight cohorts over a 72 hour period.    From in-limo arrival interviews, to immersive poolside interactions, we were able to seamlessly blend into the environment and avoid influencing the participant’s experience.    

the millennial experience

Going to the source

immersing in the moment

A client was keenly interested in the happenings and purchase decisions that occur in the convenience store space.  It’s a 24 hour, fluid environment with multiple dimensions and quick interactions.   How do you study an environment which consumers do not give much lasting thought to?    You can’t do focus groups with these people.  They won’t be able to effectively recall their state-of-mind at the time.   So we formulated a methodology that had us going to work behind the counter.   We spent several days in field actually working in busy convenience stores all across America. ”

How do you test a new product launch for a cohort who shuns away from modern advertising and can’t sit still?   A beverage manufacturer had plans to bring a new product to market in a novel way.     The audience was 20-something males who were out with their friends at a loud dance club on a Saturday night.     We designed an approach that incorporated a free-form portion held in the club on a Saturday night, alongside a follow-up morning-after brunch with these same guys.    We utilized wireless microphones and hidden cameras to capture and study the experience without being a part of it.  

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